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apollo wordpress theme

The Apollo magazine template has got a real nice feel to it – fresh and clean. There’s something quite basic about it, quite classic, but also quite modern. It’s difficult to explain…

Home page

Another home page, another slider. But what’s this? We have options! You can either have your slider ‘full-width’ (not actually full-width because it doesn’t span the full-width of the page, but heh) or ‘with sidebar’. You can make these choices from the flyout options panel. With sidebar turns out to mean ‘small enough to fit the sidebar on the right’. I prefer the full-width look (or what passes for it here), but at least you have the option of choosing.

If you’ve spent any time checking out the live demo at all, you must have noticed the scrolling news bar by now? It’s probably one of those features you either love or hate. Regardless, I can only imagine it being of any use on a site that is very regularly updated, like a big news site or a multi-author blog. After all, who wants to read the same headlines over and over again for days on end? No one, that’s who.

Having said all that, I’m sure the news module is easy to remove, should you wish to.


Ah, now, this is interesting. Very interesting indeed. If you’ve read my roundup of the best free responsive themes out right now, you’ll know about the awesomeness of Pinboard’s grid, which runs on jQuery Masonry. Apollo’s category masonry makes use of the same technology. What this means is that, if you want your category pages (e.g. http://reswpthemes.com/category/corporate) to look like Pinboard’s grid, which is a very strong look indeed (screenshot below), you can. If you want a less designer-ery layout, you can choose between simple 1 and 2 column layouts.

Apollo masonry category

The existence of author pages re-enforces the idea that this theme would especially suit a site with multiple writers.


You’ve got shortcodes the all the core things you’d expect: columns, tables (but not pricing tables), coloured boxes, buttons, etc. The lightbox shortcodes are a nice bonus.

Quick rundown

This theme is for:

  • blogs
  • magazines
  • newspapers.

Key features:

  • responsive
  • home page slider, with two sizes to choose from
  • scrolling breaking news bar
  • star ratings system
  • options panel
  • two page layouts, full-width and with sidebar
  • shortcodes
  • lightbox gallery.
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