Art Works

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Art Works, as the name might suggest, is a theme designed to enable artists to show off their art work. So the home page features a 3-column grid. Shrink your browser window and the grid will first shrink and then collapse into 1-column: responsive design in action.

If you scroll right to the bottom of the home page you’ll notice the remaining posts load automatically on the same page, without you having to click ‘Older Posts’ or anything like that. This effect is known as ‘infinite scroll’ and, because it makes your home page more interactive, should mean visitors hanging around longer.

Marius, the theme creator and dude at the helm of Dessign, has recorded an 18-minute video in which he provides an overview of the theme and how to use it. ‘Tis very useful.

Here’s a screenshot of the blog page, which, like the home page, is infinitely scrollable:

art works blog

The contact form is not custom; in the demo Marius has created one using the Contact Form 7 plugin. The best thing about it is it’s free:
art works contact form
The black social icons are neat and unobstrusive.

Final thoughts

Art Works is a basic, in terms of functionality, but good looking theme that will appeal to no-nonsense creative professionals. The infinite scroll is a pleasing touch that works well in context (incidentally, check out this free plugin if you want to implement a never-ending scroll on your WordPress site.) With Marius’ theme video, you shouldn’t have any problems getting up and running with this theme, even if you’re a novice. Marius covers uploading your logo, adding your menus, etc, right before your eyes.

It’s minimal, it’s clean, it’s a breeze to use, it’s free and it’s responsive. It’s also new, with a 2013 birthdate.

Theme features:

  • responsive
  • infinite scroll
  • custom background
  • portfolio (filterable by category)
  • menu support
  • widget ready
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