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Awalmag is a professional looking theme which would be perfect for a busy blog or magazine. I say busy because if you don’t have a lot of content, I don’t think this theme will really work for you – it’s designed to make navigating a large amount of information easy.

Home page

Oh, how I am a sucker for a masonry layout. Open up the demo and click on home page 2 in the nav bar. The 2 refers to the fact this is the second home page layout. It uses jQuery Masonry to dynamically layout the content vertically, with a minimum amount of space between each element. It’s difficult to describe in words (like many visual effects?) so you’re best off judging it for yourself in the demo. Re-size your browser window and the elements will re-arrange themselves automagically. Cool, right?

Category pages

A category page is a page that displays posts from a certain category. So like I have a bloggers category, which is a page that displays all the posts in the bloggers category (ie themes suitable for bloggers). As with the home page, you have two options for laying out your stuff: default and masony. The choice is yours. Here’s a shot of the default layout:

category archive


Shortcodes exist for all the usual suspects: buttons, coloured boxes, columns, etc.


Just as I’m a sucker for jQuery Masonry, I’m also a sucker for a nicely balanced footer with some groovy social icons. Check it:

awalmag footer

Theme Features

  • responsive
  • widget ready (Twitter widget, Facebook like box, video sidebar widget, recent posts, random posts, social icons, ads)
  • 20+ specially chosen Google fonts
  • contact form builder
  • 2 home page sliders to choose from
  • 30+ shortcodes
  • 2 home page layouts, one masonry, one modular

Last word

This theme is solid, very solid. The sidebar widgets (recent posts, video box, random posts, etc) are going to make your life pretty easy. The social icons look smart, the colour scheme works…there are lots of good things about this theme. If I had to be negative, I would say that it doesn’t exactly push any boundaries. But then again, I’m not sure that’s what most people are looking for in a theme. The bottom line is, if you’re after a magazine (or blog) theme, then Awalmag is a safe bet.

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