Best WordPress Themes for Writers

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There are two types of writer in the world – those selling ebooks and those not selling ebooks. If you’re the former type, please hop on over to our round up of the best WordPress themes for selling ebooks. If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in sharing your thoughts than shifting units, then keep reading.

The Writer


A minimal writing theme, built for aspiring writers, authors and columnists. Nothing else. We have made sure that your long form articles are packaged in an easy to read layout which is customizable and mobile friendly.

The Novelist

novelist responsive wordpress theme

The Novelist┬áis quite unlike any other theme we’ve seen. It makes browsing a similar experience to reading an eBook. It takes a little getting used to, but the theme would make a wise choice for a writer who wants to share their work with their readers online.

WordPress for Writers

WordPress for Writers

With advanced layout options, gorgeous large article images, citation support, article series, and author images, all wrapped up in a fully responsive design, WordPress For Writers takes care of making your site look beautiful and allows you to do what you do best: write.

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