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The Connect template – where to start? The home page would seem logical.

Home page

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A full-width responsive slider, since you ask. Responsive in that if you re-size your browser window – go on, try it – the slider will re-size proportionally. I told you responsiveness was awesome.

Check out those groovy white menu icons. The theme comes with over a hundred.

Our team

our team

Another theme, another our team page. I don’t have anything against such pages, you understand, it’s just I’m slightly surprised they’ve come to be seen as a standard feature. The interesting thing about this one is that you can customise it with shortcodes. Here’s a shot of the backend: backend


Unusually there only seems to be the one blog layout. If you want to see something cool, though, go to the blog page, then hover your cursor over a post image. The image will expand slightly and bounce into place. The images slide, too. Smooth.


The gallery, which is powered by jQuery, is my favourite thing about this theme. If you hover your mouse over one of the images you’ll activate a slider effect – slick! And you can see the images don’t all have to be the same size. Some can be bigger, some smaller. The ragged look this creates is a little bit different and will help your gallery to stand out of the crowd (in a good way).


Unusually this theme comes with a couple of premium plugins: content timeline ($13) and slider revolution ($15), both of which are for sale on CodeCanyon. Arguably, this makes Connect good value for money. It certainly doesn’t hurt. Slider revolution has had an incredible 5,000+ purchases, so many people must find it useful.


Connect ships with loads of shortcodes. Fifteen, actually. I’m not going to comment on all of them – I don’t have all day. The most useful would seem to me to be for:

  • columns 
  • buttons
  • contact form (so you can easily insert it on pages other than your contact page)


This is an area in which this theme excels. I quote:

Every font, background, icon, even icon color is changeable from the back end.

Take a look at the customiser:

choose your style

Try playing around with the different colour presets and main/page background options in the live demo. Note that in the full version you would have access to the full gamut of options via the admin panel.

Quick rundown

Who this theme is for:

  • businesses (e.g. medical, real estate, fitness)
  • creatives with portfolios

Key features:

  •  Google fonts
  • contact page
  • our team page
  • slider revolution plugin
  • content timeline plugin
  • responsive
  • 100+ menu icons
  • jQuery powered gallery.
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