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Elegant Themes

ResWPThemes runs on a theme by Elegant Themes*. This was my first experience with the theme shop. Below you can read an honest review.


It is fair to say that I have needed a fair amount of support. Not because I am technically challenged – far from it – but I wanted some quite specific customisations made to the stock theme. This is often the way. You buy a theme, but you’re not 100% happy with it out of the box. This is the price you pay for buying off the shelf. Still, I think it makes much more sense to spend $39 for a theme (or $0.49 a theme, in the case of Elegant Themes) and then spend time and/or money making it your own than spending hundreds or more likely thousands of dollars for a custom solution.

So anyway, I wanted to add a button on every page with a link, get advice on the SEO settings, change the text at the top of the featured slider and more. The way support works with Elegant is as follows: when you become a member, ie you buy a theme (buying one theme gives you access to them all, more on this below), you are given access to the support forums. Each theme has its own forum. There are more general forums as well. I posted my questions in the specific forum for my theme, and got prompt answers, pretty much always within 24 hours, I think, to all my questions.

It seems that there are a number of staff employed to answer customer queries on the forum.

It is worth nothing that there is a limit to the support provided, a limit that I suppose all theme shops must insist on: if you want a customisation that goes beyond a certain level, you may have to pay someone to help you. Basically, if you wanted something major changed, you would probably have to hire help. So don’t buy a theme with crazy plans to, I don’t know, merge it with another theme, and expect the members of the support forum to help you with this. The good news, though, is that many of the support staff will help you with advanced customisation, for a fee. There’s a dedicated sub-forum for this type of work. Also, many of the staff have signature links advertising their services. I’m not sure how much they charge, as I didn’t need to take advantage of their services myself, but I imagine their rates would be quite reasonable.

A couple of hours ago I posted a question on the support forum: how to hide a custom button on a specific post using CSS. Oleg, one of the support staff, has just replied, saying what code to use and where to insert it. It works.


When it comes to pricing, Elegant Themes are in a league of their own. A league of good value for money. For $39, you can download and use all 82 Elegant themes, which works out at $0.49 a theme. Kind of ridiculous, really, when you consider what you get for that price. The themes, the features, the support…It’s $39 a year mind, not for life, but even so.

So far, I am only using one Elegant Themes and that’s on this site. Even if you only plan on using one of their themes, however, $39 is still good value. Consider that most themes on ThemeForest cost more than that. And that’s for just one theme.

* ResWPThemes no longer runs on a theme by Elegant Themes. It now runs on a theme by MyThemeShop.

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