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Jaguarian is an unusually laid out theme, in that the header and nav bar live on the left-hand side of the page, rather than at the top. You may wish this were otherwise, or you may find the break from tradition refreshing. Here’s a side question to get you thinking: if you were designing a web page from scratch, and had never seen one before, how would you go about it? I bet you wouldn’t lay it out how 99.9% of websites are, but I digress.

A note of caution

It’s not often that I have to issue a note of caution, but in this case I will. Jaguarian is a new theme; it has only been available for purchase since February 2013. It is normal for a theme to go through a teething stage where problems not uncovered in the testing phase are discovered by real-world users.

It’s always a good idea before buying a theme from ThemeForest to check the comments. Read the comments for Jaguarian made by people who have bought the theme. You can see that there are quite a few that raise concerns. For example:

Like Vaanto, I’m having issues as well. First I was getting errors with the portfolio images not loading on the home page. Now that’s working but when you click the link, you can’t view the full size image.

In fairness to Templaza, the theme author, he does respond to the comment by saying he fixed the problem and released a new version for download, however there is no response from ramptny to confirm the fix.

I would actually hold off from buying this theme for a month or two to allow time for users to evaluate it fully. So far the theme only has 3 ratings giving it an average rating of 2 stars. As a rule of thumb you probably only want to be buying themes with an average community rating of 3 stars or more, and that have been reviewed at least 10 times.

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