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minimum genesis theme

Minimum is one of my favourite themes of the moment. Why? Mainly for one reason: it’s got the ‘wow’ factor.

Home page

The home page consists of a  full width image, which can, with a little work, be replaced with a slider (thank Carrie Dils for the tutorial).

You don’t need me, I’m sure, to tell you that social media is kind of a big deal these days. So what better way to implement your social media strategy than with MASSIVE buttons?!

minimum theme social icons

Seriously though, the icons are cool.


Here’s the reason I listed this theme under the portfolio category:

minimum theme portfolio


What I really need to do is write an article on the Genesis Framework which I could then refer to whenever I review a Genesis theme. Until I do that (soon!), here’s a quick explanation (also read the StudioPress 101).

Do you like metaphors? Good, because I’m about to deploy one. If WordPress is the engine or heart of your website, then the Genesis Framework is like the bodywork – it provides your site with a sound structure on top of which you can build whatever you like, safe in the knowledge that your site is secure, fast and search engine optimised (SEO).

Does that make sense? So Minimum is a Genesis theme, meaning it is designed to run (and will only run) on the Genesis Framework.

Let’s talk a little about price. The framework + a theme is $79.95, but you only have to pay for the framework once – after the first time, that’s it. Then you just have to pay for the themes – and you might only need one. If you foresee the need to use lots of different themes, you can save yourself a wad of cash by buying the Pro Plus All-Theme Package, which is all the themes StudioPress have published, will publish, plus unlimited updates for life. I bought it – one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent memory.

Theme Features:

  • responsive
  • footer widgets
  • threaded comments
  • custom header
  • custom background
  • 3 page layouts (sidebar/content, content/sidebar, full width)

Real life examples

Take a look at these two real sites to get a sense for what people are doing with the theme:

Need more inspiration? Head over to the official Genesis showcase.

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