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quark wordpress theme

I haven’t featured a Mojo theme before, but there’s a first time for everything, right? Mojo’s Quark responsive WordPress theme is hot off the press and I’m a fan. Here’s why:

  • it has a clean design
  • it’s got a full width home page slider
  • it’s got a ridiculous number of portfolio options, including a portfolio slider.

I also like the abundant color options. You see how the default color is green? Links are green, buttons are green, horizontal lines are green, etc? Well, you can change the color of all of those things with the click of your mouse! Even better, you’re not restricted to the example colors. You can pick any color you like. Neat, huh?

The shortcode generator is a beast. For those who don’t know, a shortcode is a kind of coding shortcut. A shortcode is meant to make your life, if you’re not a code ninja, easier by letting you make use of columns and buttons and other design bits and pieces without any coding (specifically, HTML and CSS) knowledge. Quark comes with shortcodes for colored alert boxes, pricing tables, testimonials and more. Impressed? Yes sir.

I think the portfolio slider, which is kind of like a mini-slider you can insert into your posts, is a cool touch.

How do you like your portfolio laid out? Two columns? Three? Four? Quark caters for all three possibilities.

The gallery quite simply rocks. Slide over an image and you trigger a smooth CSS scrolling effect. Click on an image and up pops a lightbox, which can be further magnified if the image size allows – nice.

Key features:

  • multiple sliders
  • 6 portfolio templates (1 column, 2 or 3, 3 filters)
  • 3 gallery templates (1 column, 2 or 3)
  • 3 blog templates (left sidebar, right sidebar, full width)
  • shortcodes
  • colour options
  • recent works/products widget
  • recent posts widget
  • Twitter feed
  • contact page.
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