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Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress (RSW) is a theme designed with photographers and artists in mind. It comes with two different colour schemes built in: light and dark. I prefer the dark as it provides a great contrast to colour photos.


There are six home page templates to choose from, including a fullscreen slideshow, which is a fairly common client request. Let’s see if we can get a shot of that:

fullscreen slider

The circular preview images are a nice touch.


If you’re a creative with a portfolio to show off, RSW should be on your list of themes to consider. RSW supports 2 column, 3 column and 4 column portfolios.


We’ve got shortcodes for buttons, which is a piece of functionality I like to see, because it means you don’t have to code buttons that match your theme yourself.


We’ve also got shortcodes for adding a slider to your post or page, which is handy. The slider can be populated with images from the page you add it to or a different one. The choice, as they say, is yours… There are also shortcodes for columns, drop caps, check lists, etc.


There are many different post formats available for blogging. So you can have audio posts, video posts, image posts, link posts…all kinds of posts!


The theme comes with a fully working contact form:

contact form


You can easily change the fonts of various elements without touching a line of code. Simply select the Google font (there are over 600 font families to choose from, and they’re all free) you want for your menus, your headings, etc, and away you go.

Google fonts

In much the same way it’s also easy to customise the colours. Again, this is done from within the theme options, so there is no need to dive into the code (unless you want to, of course). You can change the colour of the menu backgrounds, the menu links, etc, from within your theme.

Quick rundown

This theme is for:

  • creatives, particularly photographers.

Key features:

  • fullscreen slideshows (with audio)
  • Google fonts support
  • responsive (as if you didn’t know)
  • multiple post formats (video, audio, image,  gallery, quote, link, aside)
  • shortcodes built-in
  • light and dark colour options
  • contact form.
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