StudioPress Review

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StudioPress is the most popular WordPress theme framework around, and also, in my opinion, the best. That is also the opinion of Mashable, who many people are willing to accept as an authority on such matters. In this blog post, I want to talk about my personal experience with StudioPress and the Genesis Framework.

The Genesis Framework, if it is the best, certainly isn’t the cheapest. The Pro Plus package, which includes lifetime access to all their themes, costs $395, whereas access to all 85 Elegant Themes only costs $39. And yet, there are more websites powered by Genesis than by Elegant Themes. Why so? A few reasons.

1) Genesis is much more customisable, and hence favoured by developers, who are the ones making websites for people day in and day out. From the Genesis starter theme, which is essentially a blank canvas, you can do anything. You can make any kind of site – there are no restrictions. The only limit, truly, is your imagination. Elegant Themes, by contrast, are much more ‘what you see is what you get’. If you want custom work done, be prepared to ask in the forums and wait for an answer, or dig around the code yourself.

2) The design quality of StudioPress themes is, in general, higher. Some Genesis themes have achieved ‘classic’ status, so even though there are far fewer themes (about half), it is a case of quality over quantity.

3) When it comes to SEO and security, two of most important aspects of any website, most people would agree that Genesis is top dog. Genesis has all the SEO options you need and should be using. As a recent vindication of this fact, Google’s own Matt Cutts has recently switched his blog to the Genesis framework. If it’s good enough for him, chances are it’s good enough for you.

This is what I think. Now it’s over to you. Take it away in the comments.

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